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Blog posts October 2023

Lesley Walker - Small prayers

Small prayers
Earth lies heavy, compressed, depressed, comatose under concrete
    as the city sweats a fever dream of glass and steel
        and pavements fry in stark white glare.
    Thermals of greenhouse gases rise silently, unseen.
        A lonely tree stands wilting…

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Rodger Knight - Autumn's return

Autumn's return
With summers departure, autumn begins to spread its melancholic pageantry, which is now more pronounced and ubiquitous.
Vivid reds and ambers appear, transforming the landscape and my outlook, as though preparing me for the coming chill of winter, which I know will envelo…

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George McDermid -When Glasgow became Edinburgh

When Glasgow became Edinburgh

I lost you
sometime when Glasgow became Edinburgh,
when work flowed fast and furious
and I ended up crumpled and sick,
battered by swirling eddies,
when music turned
to a monotonous

I lost you
at that time when the skies no longer dazzled,

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Pat Colville - The Sleekit wee Word

The Sleekit wee Word  

The one that almost got away. That word.
Where’s it gone? You know the word.
What’s it called? I can’t remember,
but give me a minute or maybe a day.
and I’ll have it. You know the thingamajig.

The thingamajig is making my thumb stound.
or throb as my moth…

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Linda Menzies - Abbot House

Abbot House

Tam heard it in daylight hours:
Feet away, people chatted in sunshine,
Stopped on the worn cobbles.

Whistling, he worked on a board,
Replaced many times since the Great Fire, 
But once more loose with age.

It was just faint creak at first,
Subtle, a whisper. Then he briske…

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Linda Menzies - Red Barns, Illinois

Red Barns, Illinois

They dot the landscape
Squat behind corn stalks,
Their window eyes alert. 

The early farmers used rust
to seal the barn boards.
Iron swirled the mixture red, 
pleasing, familiar beacons
in flat, green landscapes.
Such practical people.

Being sensible, we should …

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Bill Devlin - After the High Winds

After the High Winds

Sap spikes and spider veils
Field mice nudge at bevelled
Beetles’ shells like limousines
Silver trails trace spherical snails
And last night’s winds are ghost quelled.
Birds sense respite, the forest leans  
A shopping-trolley’s wire-frame 
Refracts the flight…

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Roger Knight - Seeking Solace

Seeking solace

Is there an algorithm or application I can draw on when my health is failing me and fear and despair take hold ?
Resorting to the Stoics might be preferable, their ancient wisdom that still resonates and assuages, or latching on to some enduring line from Larkin, Eliot or Borges t…

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Denise Chapman - The Tempest

The Tempest by Denise Chapman

Shelter me from the storm
Provide a barrier to the deluge that ensues
Protect me from the harm
That this torrent in its path accrues.

Cease the battle, end the war,
Stop the conflict in its tracks.
Restore the peace, embrace the calm
When reason hides and th…

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