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Blog posts : "National Poetry Day 2022"

Jean Wright - Mother to all things

Mother to all things


The earth breathed in and she breathed out,

Then she listened,

Long ages had passed since she knew this quiet,

Not stillness,

Not - nothing,

Just the gentleness of life – living

She could hear the sweet song of every bird,

She could hear the soft…

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George Erskin - Nathaniel and Me

Nathaniel and me

Down the misty hollow
by the old willow tree
there you will find
Nathaniel and me

The air smells of flowers
just breathe it and see
like long summer days
and the joy they can be

Running and laughing
so young and carefree
we were never unhappy
my Nathaniel and me

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Jayne Wilding - Ting



I can still hear that sound,

the ting of the tines of her fork

as it hit small stones as she worked the dark earth.


Those days when she went deep,

lost in digging the earth

and the world opened like a flower.


We lay on the earth

touched it and befriende…

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Jayne Wilding - Fall to Earth

1. Lectio Divina

Sit on the earth

with a grass cushion -

and practise lectio divina


turn the pages

of an old book,



Pause, then read

the effortless writing

of wild grasses on the wind.


2. Communion

Thrush falls to earth

in the gale force w…

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George White - The Howe of Fife

The Howe of Fife

The Howe lies driech and grey 
sodden to its very bones
a low-land... once an inland sea
the memories of that time keep surfacing
pooling in the farmer's fields and causing him to curse

The wild grey Geese are here
ever wary as they feed they rise as I approach
wave and…

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Donald Falconer - I can hear a starling

I can hear a starling

I can hear a starling

calling for his darling -

a singing in a tree,

a singing for his mate.

True melodies are wild and free

and multiple as fate.


He sings a song,

a song for you,

to make a wish,

a wish come true.


I can hear a starli…

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David Cunningham - Anxious Animals

Anxious Animals
To be an animal in a zoo
A python monkey or emue
May seem to be a little staid
No match for penguins on parade
As a lion I could snarl and roar
At those who crowd around my door
Or some exotic bird in a tree
And know everyone looks at me

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Gordon Meade - Macaque




I am beggar.

 I am tramp.

  I am hobo.

 I am scamp.


  I am sight.

 I am sound.

I am dancer.

 I am bound.


 I am hatted.

I am masked.

 I am suited.

I am trained.


I am hidden.

 I am beaten.

I am starved.

I am…

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Billy Grant - When Spirit Speaks


I walked along a grassy track, contained on either side, by walls that held & guided me, towards my own way back.

I thought there was an opening, at the other end, that would take me to a garden, just around the bend.

I arrived to find no opening…

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Blair H Smith - Precipitating a Complaint

Precipitating a Grievance


May 2022                               


Dear Sir or Madam,

I’d like to complain.

                        I bought this umbrella, to use in the rain,

                        allowing me freedom…

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Roger Knight - Global Warning

The Adriatic Sea washes into St. Marks Basilica,

it's marble columns which once symbolised Venetian power

for a millennium are crumbling away.

The outback towns of Boggabilia and Goondiwindi could be soon

abandoned as river systems face collapse.

The scale and intensity of bush fires …

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Alastair Potter - Faerie Picnic

A tartan shawl is spread across the

jagged tangle of storm-cast autumn twigs and

bulging chestnut husks.


We sit, and then each adult produces their contribution;

        a little cheese,

        some oatcakes,

        a bottle of red wine,


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