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David Cunningham - Anxious Animals

Anxious Animals
To be an animal in a zoo
A python monkey or emue
May seem to be a little staid
No match for penguins on parade
As a lion I could snarl and roar
At those who crowd around my door
Or some exotic bird in a tree
And know everyone looks at me
Being a baboon would impress
The crowd who I can now address
Booming loud and beating my chest
To show them all that I’m the best
A coiled snake is not my style
With staring eyes that can beguile
A weapon sprung without a foe
Encased in glass nowhere to go
As an elephant could I forget
Places I knew and with regret
Turn my head from the prying eye
Where do I go when time to die?
And when at last the darkness falls
No one can hear our fervent calls
That echoed through the vast jungle
Our home now so shrunk and shameful.
David Cunningham.

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