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George Erskin - Nathaniel and Me

Nathaniel and me

Down the misty hollow
by the old willow tree
there you will find
Nathaniel and me

The air smells of flowers
just breathe it and see
like long summer days
and the joy they can be

Running and laughing
so young and carefree
we were never unhappy
my Nathaniel and me

Slipping and sliding
we’d roll down the hill
then lie still and listen
to the curlew’s faint trill

Then skip by the stream
so wild, fast and free
its spray in our faces
just Nathaniel and me

But the years wander by
like soft clouds in the sky
and memories are fleeting
though some never die

The stream now meanders
its slow way to the sea
and no one remembers
Nathaniel and me

So if you are passing
that old willow tree
go not a’ looking
for Nathaniel and me

No, do not go looking;
there is nothing to see
but the bluebells that cover
Nathaniel and me

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