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Jayne Wilding - Fall to Earth

1. Lectio Divina

Sit on the earth

with a grass cushion -

and practise lectio divina


turn the pages

of an old book,



Pause, then read

the effortless writing

of wild grasses on the wind.


2. Communion

Thrush falls to earth

in the gale force wind -

we look at each other

for a moment.


3. Secret Teachings

She sees things

I have never noticed before

a profusion of horsetail and plantain

but she stops, before the sea thrift.


She holds a pink bloom between her fingers

turns and says, who needs medicine

when you can look at this - it’s perfection.


She gently touches

the head of the flower

capable of growing on a rock -

need I say more?


4. Treasure

I walk with loss mile after mile

thinking only of what has gone,

until suddenly, I  see

starlight shining on thick frost.


5. Beloved

You never left, not for one moment.

You still hold me in your arms

and tell me how much love there is.

Sky, earth, rock pool -

everything is alive with love.

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