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Orla Beaton - The Nights are Fair Drawing In

The Nights are Fair Drawing In

There is a quickening at this time of year.
The drip, drip, drip of the black
catches up on us until
suddenly we gasp
"The nights are fair drawing in".
It's time for a change of gear.
Tomorrow the hours of light and dark
will be equal and
this is a sign, a reckoning.
Can we shift with the seasons?
Can we slow with the stillness?
Our starlings have fled,
there is no longer a frenzy of
activity in the garden,
growth has stalled and instead,
the ground is returning to rest,
the leaves are beginning to release.
May we do the same.
As years go by I know that I must.
Let go of so much outer.
Let in more of the inner.
More being, less doing.
More haste, less speed.
More noticing, less scrolling.
And so I turn towards
candlelight and log fires,
imperfect crafting and
Towards russet leaves and
fabulous fungi,
rich hot chocolate and
seasonal satsumas.
Soothing my senses with
autumnal delight.
Yes, the nights are fair drawing in
but what a glorious relief
this can be.


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